Pastoral counseling in the care of souls tradition
Pastoral counseling continues an ancient tradition of care that, in the Christian form, has been called the 'care of souls'. Understanding the soul as the essence of the human being, with a view toward the transcendent origin and destiny of human life, this type of therapy has always emphasized care as referring to the ultimate meanings under which we interpret our lives. The primary task of pastoral counseling is to aid persons in finding their footing, in reclaiming and articulating the deep meanings that ground their lives and that must constitute the fundamental resource for addressing whatever personal crisis may have led them into counseling.

Professional & Confidential
The code of ethics of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) governs the services of the Pastoral Center for Healing.  This assures you will be treated professionally and that everything you discuss will be held in the strictest confidence. With the exception of rare circumstances required by law, no information regarding your care will be shared with others without your expressed consent.


The respect given to persons at the Pastoral Center for Healing is rooted in the belief that all persons are called into being and are sustained by the love of God.  We believe God is present as Healer even when religious issues and language are not explicitly discussed.  The integration of spiritual concerns into the counseling does not mean the counselor's beliefs are imposed upon the person coming for help.

Respectful and Personal
In times of trouble few people want to be treated like patients.  Likewise, they do not wish to be patronized, condemned, or treated with condescension.  The Pastoral Center for Healing acknowledges that all persons experience emotional distress or personal difficulty at some point in life. We do not regard these experiences as failures that make us different from other human beings. You may be assured that your personal situation will be heard and responded to with appropriate concern and empathy. You are encouraged to be an active participant in your healing and to ask questions about any part of the counseling process you do not understand.

Affordable and Available
Like all professional counseling, the services of the Pastoral Center for Healing are supported by payment of fees.  We will not turn anyone away because of limited financial means.  An adjusted fee option is made possible by the generous support of faith communities, foundations, and individual benefactors.  Counseling sessions are generally fifty minutes long and are offered by appointment Monday through Friday.  Some evening hours are available.  Every effort will be made to schedule a time convenient for you.  The duration and frequency of counseling will vary according to the need.  Again, these matters are normally discussed during the initial session.