Training and supervision

Through our training programs, the Pastoral Center for Healing seeks to facilitate the pursuit of excellence in people preparing for ministries of pastoral care or clinical pastoral therapy.

Our programs are designed, through the teaching of theory and practice:
• to enable ministers and other people of faith to develop a high degree of competence in pastoral care and psychotherapy in congregational and clinical settings;
• to prepare qualified candidates for professional certification and licensure in clinical pastoral therapy;
• to enhance the understanding of practicing mental health professionals regarding the spiritual dimension of intensive personal and couple/family therapy; and
• to provide academic credit toward graduate degrees from affiliated and cooperating universities and seminaries.

Participants will:
Gain an advanced understanding from both psychological and theological perspectives of the development and dynamics of human personality and interpersonal relationship systems; abnormal behavior and psychopathology; and theories and methods of psychotherapy.
Learn from theoretical study and clinical experience under qualified supervision.
Integrate theory, practice, and appropriate uses of self in ministry.

Direct inquiries to Dr. Bruce Rogers-Vaughn